Stuart Crown and Company Inc.

Our company was founded on the principle of achieving positive results for our clients. We determine what our clients need and implement solutions so that they can reach their financial goals.

The proper maintenance of company books is vital to your business success; it offers a competitive advantage. Our bookkeeping staff has instant access to experts in financial statement preparation and taxation. Doing it right and getting it right makes all the difference.

The idea of tax planning is simply to match the working capital that is required by you as an individual or you as an enterprise with the tax liability that results from your particular endeavor. This has to be done in the context of an economic policy that is continuous shifting to meet the economic needs of a country.

Since early 2002 the financial markets have exploded in terms of the number of products and the complexity of those products. Investors are faced with an abundance of data and concepts that promise everything. To see through the fog of marketing and to translate the various opportunities into meaningful information upon which decisions can be made requires not only an in depth understanding of the various markets, the task demands objectivity.

Our management consulting can put your business on the map. Our consultants have experience in managing growth, turning businesses around and improving productivity and profitability. We can ensure your success.